Thursday, September 07, 2006

Joe Rice Media Review 9/7/06


The Punisher was good. Finally getting used to Fernandez' art style. I'm still a . . .little . . .uncomfortable with some of the portrayals. Something a bit off, but the story is too nice and tight to dismiss that easily. Looks like another epic in the overall Ennis Punisher mythology. This is just good writing. I don't care if you don't like the Punisher, he's a cypher for a writer to turn into a story. And Ennis does it well.

Jack Staff is so damn cool that it should be taught at Comic Book College. It's inventive without sacrificing story and fun. It's exciting without sacrificing intelligence. And Alan Moore guest stars as a magician! I only wish it came out more regularly. You guys are reading this, right? Right?

Wow, strike two for Detective Comics artists. And, no, a cute little reference to cheesecake as a guilty pleasure doesn't excuse what goes on in this issue. It was like Humberto Ramos combined with Jim Lee, except their flaws magnified and their skills made less. The story was a decent little thing I guess. These endings are getting boring to me. I'll be honest . . .I dunno if I'm up for much more of this. The first one was great, but I'm getting very bored very fast. Bring back Williams.

Why is Agents of Atlas so good? I bought it as cannon fodder one week. But goddam, this is a fun book. It's smart, too. And the art services the story well. This reminds me a BIT of BPRD . . .not because of nonhuman government operatives, but because it just tells a very good story very well and with lots of pulp-derived fun. All this from a superhero book! Seriously good.

Scarlett: Declassified had pretty art. Um. Hm. And we have a lot of stupid "OH THAT IS WHY _______" moments (fill in "she uses a stupid crossbow," "a woman got that kind of training," etc) all-too often seen in "prequel" origin stories. I only got it for the art and nostalgiac affection for the character. Do not buy this. It is bad.

Vertigo snagging American Splendor is probably their most significant achievement yet, above the Hernandez contributions, the Gaiman wanks, or even my beloved Flex. It's a different kind of storytelling, but it's getting it out to a much larger audience. HA HA HA HA just kidding. Pekar's work sells tons in bookstores. I do hope that more supposed comics fans will read his stuff now . . .like me. This was my first issue and I liked it a lot. His work's always been on my "should be reading this" list . . .now I cannot resist.

Teaching drama is frickin awesome. All kids are great, unless they are in fourth grade. My babies are doing well. I feel very good.