Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Superheroes that Cry

Kyle Baker's frustration with/ridicule of current DC comics is often seen in his interviews. But it hasn't been seen so explicitly in his comics until this week. The whole "Prelude to Edwina Crisis Pt. 4" was such a spot-on parody of current DC editorial positions I could hardly stand it. We get death, weeping, pain, anxiety, the Spectre, resurrections, bizarre clues ...and good jokes. This was a really, really good issue. Those of you who stopped reading because it became a humor comic rather than a superhero humor comic should pick this issue up. Looks like Baker's going out with a bang.

Invincible was good fun. I got two issues of New Avengers, an issue of the Sentry, and an issue of Young Avengers. These are very light comics, but they're superhero comics. I mean light-weight, by the way, not fluffy kid comics, though I do believe kids could read them. Straight ahead storytelling with twists, mysteries, and action. I've never liked the Bendis school of comics writing, but it doesn't seem so bad now. It's not great, but in a time where very few superhero comics are readable at all, decent stuff can seem better.

BPRD kicked ass, as you would imagine. God, what a great book. Second best after the brilliant Plastic Man issue. Losers was OK, but it's time for it to end, I think. When Jock isn't drawing it I get bored.

And I heard all this buzz about Peng, so I tried it. Christ, I couldn't get past page five. I guess I'm too old or something, but the combination of art and text styles made this impossible for me to read. I'm a fogey now, right? Shit.

Still haven't read Lady Snowblade, but I have a good feeling about it. So far you are negligent without buying BPRD and Plastic Man. You'll have fun reading Invincible and maybe all the million Avengers books. You will be younger than me if you enjoy Peng.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Mmmmm, oatmeal.

1. New Make-Believe War.

2. Chris Ware and Charles Burns am awesome guys.

3. Hip hop + Kirby goest together like peanut butter and chocolate or big distorted guitars and moogs; that is to say, awesomely. From MF Doom to Mister Miracle, the two seem to always go spookily well together. Oh, and the psychiatrist is definitely Dr. Bedlam. Look at that "hair" pattern!

MC Kirby