Friday, April 29, 2005

Return to Awesomeland!

Ian Churchill is the hottest artist in town! Rob Liefeld is BACK, baby! Variant covers and big events! People are buying multiple copies of NUMBER ONE issues!

In short: Comics are sucky again, nineties style! Nerd collectors are checking the spines on all their new books, making sure that CABLE AND DEADPOOL is in NM condition. Things are shitty, and no one learned a lesson from the bursting bubble of the nineties.

I blame the editors. It's about that time when people who grew up in the early nineties beating off to X-FORCE are now editing these books. They had no tase or sense then, and nothing has changed today..

Maybe if we all wish really hard, Godzilla will come and destroy comics once and for all. This shit makes my heart hurt. I can't share my hobby with nerds who think GREEN LANTERN REBIRTH is quality, or asshole collectors that bag and board COMIC SHOP NEWS. My wee heart can't handle it.

Please, Godzilla. Please come and wipe the slate clean.


Thursday, April 28, 2005

League of Extraordinary New York

The link below reminds me of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, colligating many fictional New Yorks into one real one, allowing Holden Caufield and Ishmael to live together:

New York Times - We'll Map Manhattan

I am sure this could be likened to some "Crisis of Multiple Infinite Parallel Earths X" storyline too, but I am not familiar with that comic book subgenre where continuity is the point.

Anyone with a more prolific memory than my feeble one should submit comic book characters.