Monday, July 18, 2005


Hey, guys. My new Make-Believe War column is up at Comic Book Galaxy. Marc Sobel and the other guys have new stuff up, too, and it's all worth your while. Check it out and then discuss it at the message board. OR YOU WILL FACE SEVERE CONSEQUENCES.

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Blogger Bill Reed said...

I have read... one thing on that list. Flex Mentallo. And you know I did. Because you've read my blog.

I've never even heard of two of those, though; I'll leave you to figure out which two.

And, sorry, I've never read Clowes (his stuff is part of a long long list of comics and trades I plan to get around to buying and enjoying one day), and I am too weak to hurt you. I did, however, listen to his NPR interview. Surely that counts for something.

3:01 PM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

Get to reading then, Bill! Save money by not buying four or five DC books that you'd usually get and not really enjoy. These five comics are SO worth it that you'll thank me later.

3:15 PM


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