Friday, July 15, 2005

How Can I Have Any Pride in this Hobby?

From Newsarama:

Asked if readers will see Ch’p, a “chipmunk”-style GL, Johns said Van Sciver is a “giant fan of rodents”, and can actually make them look cool like he makes Kilowog look cool. A GL from Ch’p’s sector will be seen in issue #4 of GL.

Jesus. This is why I can't go to comic conventions without getting morbidly depressed.

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Blogger Eliot Johnson said...

If this "cool looking" Ch'p has, like, razor-sharp teeth and looks like a feral cat, I think that may be enough to actual get me to drop GL.

Ah for the simple days of, "you don't wanna mess with no mean-eyed furballs."

7:05 AM

Blogger Kevin Church said...

Here's where we start the rumor that Van Sciver is a furry.

9:19 AM

Blogger Tom Bondurant said...

Didn't Van Sciver say, "if human-sized, funny-animal-style spandex-clad galactic policemen existed, they'd have to look like I draw them?"

11:01 AM

Blogger Bill Reed said...

Oh, c'mon, Ch'p is awesome. And so is Kilowog. But, then, it *is* Johns.

I was much more concerned over his dissing Shatner. Heh.

1:15 PM

Blogger Tom Bondurant said...

I like Ch'p too (although isn't he dead?), so I don't think he needs Ethan Van Sciver to make him look "cool."

And I do think Hal is like Kirk, but that doesn't mean he's like Shatner.

2:45 PM

Blogger Chris said...

Maybe every time Green Lantern stops a crime or rescues somebody, he could pause and say "Hal Jordan" to the people he was saving.

12:01 AM

Blogger N said...

This is why I can't go to comic conventions without getting morbidly depressed.

Not because there are out of shape pale people dressed like Klingon warriors there?

7:54 PM

Blogger Brad Curran said...

"How Can I Have Any Pride in this Hobby?"

By completely ignoring the parts of it that you find distasteful? That's what I do. Keeps me quite happy about the medium when the only Hal Jordan story I can think about is New Frontier. Try it man. Ignorance really is bliss! Not reading Newsarama unless it's through the filter of Fanboy Rampage! would be a good first step.

4:01 PM

Anonymous greggyc said...


Got to be real honest here Joe .... it seems like you are the one with something firmly stuck up his ass.

I've been reading these here funny books for over 35 years ... waves .. trends .. fads .. what ever you want to call them come and go ... so this year its a guy who draws believable squirrels ... next year it will be a guy who draws Superman as if he is a baloon animal .. yeah .. yeah .. so what ... just give me something good to read

10:23 PM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

I dunno, maybe I do have a stick up my ass. I just know from looking through Rebirth that "realistic KEWL squirrels" shouldn't be this artist's number one priority. Learning to draw at all should be.

It's a part of this weird paradoxparadigm we've got going on: Yay for old silver age stuff, but boo on how silly it was! It's like, they want to bring stuff back, but they're also ashamed of it and need to make it more "adult."

9:55 AM

Anonymous GreggyC said...

Ethan is clearly not an artist who should be chained to any kind of schedule. His best work to date has been with stand alones and minis and where his Bolland inspired posing works much better with the narrative. In other words he is probably much better off designing kewl squirrels than he is doing something that will ended up looking rushed and awkward.

Paradoxparadigm .. I bet a dime

Thing is .. the Silver Age is gone .. G O N E .. gone. T'ain't coming back no matter how many difficult rebirths are planned. The way I see it you want the Silver Age stuff .. buy archivs and masterworks. Thats the real deal .. silly stuff and all .. like those really really cool prehistoric bugs forever trapped in amber.

Like I said .. been reading this stuff for better than 35 years .. today stuff seems no different than ten years ago or twenty years ago or thirty years ago.

things I like a lot .. things I find acceptably entertaining .. things incrediably original .. things amusingly derivative .. things I can not even begin to understand the appeal of ..

This is the way it has always been for me and I suspect the way it will always be .. today is no different than yesterday .. there will always be great stories and their will always be secret files and who's who and techincal manuals and lexicons .. couldn't care less bout anything that wasn't about a good story ..except maybe to amuse myself

Thing is the notion of having pride in reading comics seems almost as strange as how realistic a comic book squirrel should appear ... nether has a lot to do with an actual story

Hope to meet you at RocketShip on the 28th

2:15 PM

Anonymous red_Ricky said...

I don't know on whose camp this comment falls...

All I know is that I'm down with Ch'P!

In fact, I for one thought that his bitching out Duck Dodgers (in squirrel speak of all things) was one of the funniest bits from that cartoon episode.

And if they ever make that Jack Black/Green Lantern movie, I hope we get to see a realistic kewl squirrel along with a realistic kewl salad head guy, and bird guy, and eye-ball green lantern guy, oh! and don't forget crystal-meth golfball guy! He rocks!

Here he is with a mohawk!

2:28 PM

Anonymous Grant said...

Fuck you Rice!

Ch'p was the greatest Green Lantern ever!

4:55 AM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

Guys, I've got no problem with Ch'p. I read that GLC book harder than most. My problem is with this new wave of creators trying to "kewlify" silver age concepts that are fine on their own AND, in fact, making them much, much lamer.

8:36 AM

Blogger Brad Curran said...

"Guys, I've got no problem with Ch'p. I read that GLC book harder than most. My problem is with this new wave of creators trying to "kewlify" silver age concepts that are fine on their own AND, in fact, making them much, much lamer."

That's a good point, worth making, and it's a shame that people got caught up in their well intentioned Ch'p bolstering to see it.

5:56 PM

Anonymous GreggyC said...

bull dinkies I say


is that even a word Mr. Rice .. well .. is it

I'mmmmmmmmm waiting

Cute Ch'p .. serious Ch'p .. even Ch'p with chicken pox .. won't matter shit if the story sucks

11:34 PM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

And it will.

1:03 AM

Anonymous GreggyC said...

joe rice demonstrates his amazing precognitive powers

now make that spoon bend joe

9:10 AM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

With only the power of my mind (to make my hands move)!

9:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't take any pride in this hobby: the moment anyone knows you read comics it's like they've discovered an embarrassing character blemish.
I think you should treat comics like most other people treat their hobbies: enjoy 'em where you can. The minute it stops being enjoyable drop it.

4:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And of course Geoff Johns is going to do awful things with Green Lantern, including edgy new hardcore squirrels (reintroducing a classic character with a fresh new twist!). Were you expecting different? Why?
It's not like this is his first title and you don't know what to expect.

4:32 PM

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