Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Types of Bloggers

I thought it would be helpful and informative were I to collect a list of the various comic blogger types out there. Now, of course, none of these types are set in stone. You'll often, maybe almost all the time, see some mixing and matching. And some that defy explanation completely. But here are your basic types.

1. The Snarkster: The Snarkster loves nothing more than to make fun of things he doesn't like. Some of them are true egalitarians, making fun of everything. All-too-often, though, you've got the partisan Snarkster. This person LOVES snark, as long as it's not directed towards something he likes. You'll see a lot of pro-mainstream DC partisan Snarksters. They roll their eyes when people make fun of Infinite stuff, but revel in the degradation of something they themselves do not like.

2. The Jokester: The Jokester is like the Snarkster, but without the malice. They're just having fun. Dave's Long Box is probably the finest example of this sort of blog.

3. The Mangaphile: On the plus side, they have an unrivalled knowledge of manga on these shores. On the minus side, they share said knowledge all the time. They are very interested in expanding the market, and often have ideas about how to do so. Unfortunately, these ideas rarely go past "sell more manga." They often look down on American mainstream books, as if the tastes of 13 year old girls were somehow infinitely superior to those of 13 year old boys (Fruits Basket isn't Eightball, folks, you've got nothing to look down on). Well, their hearts are in the right place. This group is mostly comprised of women and gay men, for some reason.

4. The Intellectual: Not to be confused with the "Intellectual." The Intellectual specializes in long, well-thought-out posts that often have more in common with thesis papers than internet comics criticism. (This can be a very good thing, mind you.) Everyone links to them, and hopes their two sentence reply will somehow forward the conversation.

5. The "Intellectual": Tries very hard to be number four, but fails rather miserably. Long, boring, rambling posts that make little-to-no sense and often bring in outside sources that don't really fit at all. They want feedback quite desperately, but do not handle criticism well.

6. The Anti-Bloggers: Actually more prominent than the "blogosphere" they so desperately want not to be, these are the folks that see themselves as the lone sane voice in a sea of Scott Pilgrim and Street Angel love. They taut their love of crappy mainstream stuff like a badge of honor. They often make snide comments about "hipsters" without having ever witnessed one in real life. There's a hell ton of them, they all love each other, but they think they're outnumbered for some reason. They hate Alan David Doane even more than other people do. (Sorry, Alan. You know I don't.)

7. The Perfect Blogger: They post at Listen to Us, We're Right, and nowhere else.

16 Love Letters:

Blogger ADD said...

"They tout their love of crappy mainstream stuff like a badge of honor."

Some even going so far as to PUBLISH said crappy mainstream stuff. Thanks for the chuckle, Joe.

1:58 PM

Blogger Shane Bailey said...

Where do I fit in? I'm so confused. I want to belong! :)

3:11 PM

Blogger Ragnell said...

Hmm... #5 sounds a bit like me, but I like to add pretty pictures to my stuff. Do I still count?

6:31 PM

Blogger Brad Curran said...

I think I'm what would happen if 2 and 5 had a kid. Who barely ever posted.

6:54 PM

Blogger T. said...

Hmm, I have no idea what I am. Not really sure I want to know.

11:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to be #2 but after trying hard to actually post something long I feel like a #5.

12:38 AM

Blogger kalinara said...

I think I'm a 5 who tries a little too hard to be a 2. Heh.

Very funny stuff...

4:09 AM

Blogger Kevin Church said...

This is an incomplete list, as "The Rambling, Possibly Drunk Person That's Amusing To Maybe Three People" is not featured.

Not that, er, I'd put myself there.

12:50 PM

Blogger Gary said...

No, I think you'd be a combination 1 and 2 Kevin, whereas I would probably be a number 6.

1:23 PM

Blogger OrangeCoke said...

"The Rambling, Possibly Drunk Person That's Amusing To Maybe Three People"

and those three people are his other online names.

There must be room for the thoughtful fan that feel he has something to add in a "discussion" but refrains because he knows no one wants a serious reply; they just want to fight and repeat themselves.

6:26 PM

Blogger Paul said...

No, OC, there is no room for that person.

1:10 AM

Blogger MarkAndrew said...

I couldn't figure out where I was, either, till I got to number 7.

1:57 AM

Blogger Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

I'm pretty much a number four mixed with a number one and a number six.

I am okay with this though.

I notice that you guys get a pretty good mix of all 7 types on here (with the exception of the mangaphiles).

It's a nice balance.

7:15 PM

Blogger Elayne said...

Ah, excellent, one MORE attempt to categorize bloggers that utterly fails to describe me. I shall remain an asterisk for the rest of my days. :)

11:52 AM

Blogger Robby Reed said...

8) Visual bloggers who go through scanners like some people go through tissues.

For example... DIAL B for BLOG!

9:11 PM

Blogger Morgan W. Brown said...

Two types of bloggers, here [via Danziger Cartoons].

12:08 PM


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