Tuesday, January 17, 2006

An Important Story

For some reason, we have no heat in our apartment.
This is a "bad thing", being that it's somewhere shy of freezing outside.
It's a strange phenomenon, as our building's steam heat has been blasting full throttle for the past few weeks, during the fluke warm spell when we needed it least. No longer though, and our radiators are as cold as delicious frozen tofutti.

The thermostat is in the apartment on the ground floor, and it appears that those folks are "gone fishin'" or something. No sign of human life. So I am currently wearing:
-long-sleeve tee
-fleece housecoat
-hoodie sweatshirt
-and the thickest socks imaginable. I am under a heavy blanket, and wrapping my hands around a hot coffee mug. The cats are huddled with me for warmth. I am thinking about going somewhere warm, but that would involve changing clothes, which would be a cold, cold, cold five minutes. I'm mostly warm where I am.

The point is, I call bullshit on the Fortress of Solitude. Arctic homes are losing more and more appeal as the day goes on.

On a related note, ALL STAR SUPERMAN #2 ships tomorrow, which warms my heart. Also arriving is MISTER MIRACLE #3, which might be the most disturbing SEVEN SOLDIERS yet. I was totally horrified reading it, and had to turn away a few times, like my girlfriend does during horror movies. I liked it quite a bit, but it gave me the willies. I'm interested in hearing other reactions...

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Anonymous Gary Esposito said...

Hey Alex,
I got the same heat problem like you and do the same exact things you do to keep warm.
I also live in Park Slope as well, a couple of stops from ROCKETSHIP.
Friggin' cheap landlords!
I turn the oven on to heat the apt. up and then deduct the difference from the gas bill from the previous month on the rent. Fun times with the landlord over that!

3:18 PM

Anonymous Brad said...

Hell, I haven't even picked up the last issue of Mister Miracle yet. The next issue of ASS being out tomorrow also took me off guard. I am a bad, bad nerd. At least I'll be near a shop where I can pick them up tomorrow. The good side of classes starting again. Well, that and the education. But the comics are the better part of it by far.

3:54 PM

Anonymous Owen said...

Well it's almost 50 degrees no so I guess the worst is over.

The main problem with an artic fortress is getting food delivered. The tip is ridiclous.

11:29 PM


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