Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How Awesome Was It?

Awesome enough for me to spend some time updating an old ugly wallpaper collage I made. Awesome enough for this collection of awesome to go, "Holy crap! That was awesomer than us!" Awesome enough for me to be willing to screw up the look of our site for another week or two.

Not as awesome as All Star Superman

9 Love Letters:

Blogger Jake said...


What is the NWO doing on yout collage of awesomeness?

10:07 PM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

Uh, duh! Being awesome, hello!

10:11 PM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

Jake: Reload for a special surprise!

10:18 PM

Blogger Bill Reed said...

Plastic Man?


12:10 AM

Blogger Jake said...

Goddamn. I didn't look at it that closely the first time. What's the change? Was Ric Flair the first time?

2:59 AM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

Plastic Man is awesome, especially when done by Cole or Baker, so Bill "Comics Should Be Adequate" Reed can go SUCK ON IT!

Jake: That's the difference, just for you. And for awesomeness.

6:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mr. Rice, I'm sure you've heard the sad news that former LWO member Eddie Guerrero passed away the other day.

12:46 AM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

Yes, that was sad. I always liked Eddie. Well, now he's in heaven, surrounded by every copy of All Star Superman that could ever be written.

6:54 AM

Anonymous daniel apodaca said...

Is that Iceman trying to push out a kidney stone over there?

6:35 PM


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