Thursday, September 15, 2005

It has been many a long day since last I bloggeded.

I know the Bloguverse has missed me mightily.

I just know it!

But I have been a busy, busy lad. Starting a new store is a time-consuoming venture. It is emotionally draining. It is physically tiring. The opening party alone, I am only just now recovering from... Many a Brooklyn Lager was drunken, verily.

But now I am back, and possibly with some snarky opinions? It's highly likely!

A few observations...

1. There's been a lot of talk about what's right and wrong with comics. Everyday I sell quality books to a wide audience that has never before set foot in a comic shop. I'm here to tell you, Everything is Right with comics! If you love the medium, and build as nice a store as you can, and try to get the right books in the right hands, comics still seem a vibrant, awesome industry/artform.

2. All I need to see in a mainstream book is Captain Marvel flying through the head of a Deco Giant Robot, and Superman fighting monsters. How many kids have I sold that book to? How much did I love it? The answers is "lots and lots" to both questions. The less I see of Superman having meaningful chats with his wife, the better. I know this is a broken record commentary here at LTUWR, but for fuck's sake! How is it that so many people get Superman so very, very wrong?

Well, this one is right, motherfuckers. And the art is lovely like a corn-fed midwestern girl ice-skating in a short skirt.

3. GASOLINE ALLEY reprints! If you have not read them, I feel endless sorrow for ye.

4. Apparently there are big things brewing at Marvel and DC, aside from Seven Soldiers and All-Star Superman. I hear these rumors, but do not believe them. Anything else is twaddle.

Is that a word? It looks stupid, but it feels right...

5. At my beautiful store, we are selling t-shirts with our logo on them And also rocketships. They are a thing of magnificence. Anyone who has seen thm can test-ify that our shirts are ridiculously cool. Also, we have panties.

Panties, with rocketships on the ass.

Oh yes.

Who says comics aren't sexy?


4 Love Letters:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:43 PM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

This guy has a crush on you, Alex!

5:31 AM

Blogger alex said...

I know!

He thinks I'm great!

I got a boner.


7:27 AM

Blogger alex said...

I know!

He thinks I'm great!

I got a boner.


7:29 AM


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