Thursday, September 08, 2005

This Week's Brief Thoughts, with Vulgarity!

By fuck, just when I thought Seven Soldiers couldn't get any cooler . . .Man, I want a Newsboy Army series faster than right now. Those kids were fucking awesome.

What the fuck? Judd Winnick wrote a readable comic? One that was actually fun? Sure, the beautiful art helped, but I think this thing actually worked. Shit on me!

Garth Goddam Ennis still writes a strong Punisher. But ass-ugly art makes Ghost Rider unreadable. That and, well, it isn't very interesting.

I shit ass fuck queef love DC's cartoon superhero books. Pee.

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Blogger alex said...

Superman/Shazam was great... simple, fun, action-packed... it was pretty much all I need from a Superman Captain Marvel team-up. If the quality keeps up, I will officially decree it the best Cap Marvel story in years.

My only complaint was that Billy was a little too much of a wise-ass, and the Sivana as indutrialist was lame. I like the Mister Burns-ness of it, but I think Luthor proved that mad scientists should ususally remain just that.

But Monsters, giant robots, evil cults. Just great...

7:51 AM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

Industrial Sivana sucked, but (Christ, I'm defending Winnick) I think that's what he had to work with post-Crisis. God, we really do need our mad scientists back.

Not sure how I feel about wise-ass Billy. It does make sense, in a way. Maybe if he were a bit less good at it?

2:47 PM

Blogger Lex said...

Joe, I saw this blog post before I bought the issue. I thought, "Oh crap, Joe's finally lost it." "Fun" and "Judd Winick" just didn't seem to go together.

And then I bought the issue and... it WAS fun. Judd Winick actually wrote a fun story. It's like reality has come unglued. I fully expect earthworms to grow wings and start eating people.

I almost thought that this made Winick a good writer... and then I reread the Superman/Shazam crossover in the Superman books earlier this year and remembered why I hate Winick.

4:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post reminded me of an old New Yorker (?) cartoon where an old woman has dropped her groceries and the caption reads: "Well, phooey! Piss shit motherfucking phooey!"

8:24 PM

Anonymous Viking Bastard said...

Winick is at his best when doing fun. I mean, Barry Ween anyone?

He just, y'know, gets all depressing and melodramatic when doing the serious.

8:37 AM

Anonymous Brad said...

I don't read this blog for a long time and when I come back, you like a Winnick Captain Marvel comic? My worldview would be shattered if you didn't do a page by page piss take on the Infinite Crisis preview. Now it's just cracked a little.

9:09 PM

Blogger Leigh Walton said...

I would have liked it better if anything had happened. Maybe it's passé to complain about decompression, but I can't help feeling this would have taken about six pages in the team-up stories from my youth.

and I was born in '85.

12:30 AM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

Giant robot fights and magic monsters isn't "something happening"?

5:23 PM


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