Monday, April 04, 2005

War is At Hand

This is tangentially related to comics, so bear with me. This weekend a friend and I tried a [completely legal (so far)] psychoactive agent called salvia. It's a Mexican shamanic thing originally. Quickly after using it, you have a five-to-ten minute vision experience. But I'm not posting to talk about drugs or anything. You should have seen us, trying to figure out the pipe. Geeks are pathetic sometimes.

I'm posting because of one of the visions I had. I was in a place that I somehow knew to be Cartoon Land. I was led their in a previous vision by a cartoon elf, like out of a commercial. But while I was there I met a puppet named King William. He had a puppet army and I was helping them march through a forest. At the time it was all fun and innocent.

Upon reflection, some things began to trouble me. I eventually realized that King William was the King from the Land of Make-Believe. He is not a cartoon, nor is his army. But they were in Cartoon Land, marching. It appears that the Land of Make-Believe is invading Cartoon Land. As King William always seemed a just king, I'm not sure that's a bad thing. Perhaps imagination is about to overtake crass commercialism in the realm of cartooning. This is my hope for the vision.

Nobody seemed angry. I hope imagination is merely taking control over what was once theirs and has later fallen into disrepair, like the Seven Unnamed Men setting up a team to make sure the universe Qwewq (clearly meant to be the real world) from overtaking the DCU.

5 Love Letters:

Blogger lindsey said...

HA! love the blog.

6:14 PM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

The blog informs me that it is guarded and hesitant to share its feelings with you. Please understand, the blog has been hurt before.

6:17 PM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

Update: the new Weezer album coming out in May is called "Make Believe."

Signs and portents.

8:40 PM

Blogger TCSmith said...

I will listen to the blog, for it is right. All hail the blog.

8:18 AM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

TC remains a smart feller.

4:12 PM


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