Tuesday, October 11, 2005

For Immediate Release

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. Spring 2006 Collection
An evening of readings, comedy, and superhero fashion to benefit 826NYC. The event includes new designs for superheroes by Marc Jacobs, Behnaz Sarafpour, Jack Spade, Rebecca Taylor, Built By Wendy, and many more, modeled by Amy Sedaris, the Daily Show correspondents Ed Helms, Samantha Bee, and Rob Corddry, along with Le Tigre frontwoman Kathleen Hanna.If you are in the market for such things, all costumes and
heroic attire will be auctioned after the event, during a private wine reception (see below for details).

Edna Mode, fashion designer from The Incredibles, will be giving her predictions for the coming season, comedian Patton Oswalt appears in a new short film of his making, Sarah Vowell relates her experiences of being invisible, and John Hodgman, renowned expert on so many topics (and author of the forthcoming The Areas of My Expertise) hosts. Music and theme songs will be provided by The Hungry March Band.

This is a one of a kind event not to be missed.

Thursday, October 20th, 8pm.
Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway (at 95th St.)
Tickets are $25 and $75.
$75 tickets include priority seating and access to the silent auction
and wine reception, to be held after the event.
For tickets, call 212-864-5400 or go to

8 Love Letters:

Blogger Paul said...

Dunno what 826NYC is, but if it's got the Incredibles, the Daily Show, and Patton Oswalt supporting it, it must be good.


3:20 PM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

It's the Superhero Supply Store where I volunteer.

3:26 PM

Blogger Paul said...

Shut up.

4:14 PM

Blogger Joe Rice said...


4:29 PM

Blogger Ed Cunard said...

Why must cool NYC shit be midweek, when I live so far away?


6:57 PM

Anonymous Brad said...

Why must I live in Texas? This is more of a general question, but it still relates to the topic.

11:32 PM

Blogger Paul said...

I'd say that you lived here to be closer to me, but your continued refusal to meet up for anything, ever blows that theory out of the water.

I'm stumped.

4:09 PM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

Maybe he hates things that are good and loves things that are bad. He IS a contributer to CSBG after all.

8:54 AM


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