Monday, June 06, 2005

Things My Students Said While Confused About Star Wars

So my kids are all about the new Star Wars movies. Edward did a drawing of "Dark Vader" and told me that he's really Anakin Skywalker. I was shocked. But when a co-worker brought in a vhs of the original (non-screwedup) Star Wars, I thought it'd be a good reward to show my little ones last Friday. But it ended up confusing them more than comparing fractions.

First off, the whole chronology threw them for a loop. They, understandably, couldn't figure out why movies that were made twenty years before they were born took place AFTER a movie that's out in the theater now. But that was just the beginning. (It didn't help that the poor kids have only seen episodes 1 and 2.)

Upon seeing Storm Troopers shoot people: "I thought those were good guys. Where's Yoda?"

Upon seeing Luke: "Who is that?" (repeatedly)

Upon hearing his last name: "Is that Anakin's brother or something?"

Upon seeing Obi-Wan: "Who is that?" Then, "Why is he so old?" Later still, "Darth Vader didn't kill Anakin! He IS Anakin!"

Poor bastards haven't even met Han Solo yet.

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Blogger naladahc said...

Hah! This is the best blog entry I've read today.

Thank god you had an original unbutchered version too.

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