Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Miscellaneous Marvels

Here's some other real-life friend Marvel drawings. A special bonus in this post, Marvel Family drawings by some of my students! So cute you'll die or kill.

From fashionista George comes this beaut:


I taught with Zoey. Now she teaches art at another school. This Marvel seems particularly HOTTTTT.
I don't remember the origin of this joke.

Now for student fun! Amanda decided to immortalize Dr. Sivana and Mr. Mind. They're building a robot TO DESTROY THE MARVELS FOREVER!!!

He IS a good worm.

Speaking of robots, the Family takes care of Robot Marvel in this piece by Juan Carlos, one of the coolest kids of all time.

Robot Marvel's so screwed.

And Jeffrey's own creation, Super Banana, meets Captain Marvel here. Translated from Jeffrey, this says, "Help, my name is Super Banana." "That's real. You're super and you're a banana."

That's real.

I hope you've enjoyed this look at my collection. I hope to add to it soon. I would murder my mom for a Quitely Marvel Family. She would understand, I think. Because she took this picture of me some twenty-two years ago or so.


And with that, I leave you.

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Blogger Brant said...

Those three children's drawings are more creative than the majority of comic books being published today...

Is there nothing Juan Carlos can't do?

1:58 PM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

Well, he can't legally vote or drink or smoke. But I bet he'd be good at all three.

He's also still getting the hang of the old "reading" thing.

But, yeah, I'd rather read comics made by kids than made by committee.

2:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe, you're the Marvel expert. I flipped through a recent Teen Titans and saw something I didn't know--Cap Jr. likes big belt buckles, rockabilly and fuzzy dice?

10:30 AM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

As legend has it, young Elvis Presley was a big fan, and, in fact, brought an issue of Cap Jr. to the barber saying "I want hair like that." His fandom also brought about his later flashy costumes, with capes and lightning bolts all over the place.

As shitty a book as Teen Titans is, Cap Junior liking rockabilly is fun.

6:37 PM


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