Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Attack of the Indie Marvels

OK, so here's Pt. II in my vain showing of Marvel Family sketches. This section will be highlighted by appearances from artists most known for their indie or artcomics work. Starting things off, we have a man who's writing a Marvel Family book anyway, Jeff Smith.

Is that Mr. Tawky Tawny?

It's like Scott Morse knew I was from Kentucky . . .

Fried chicken and the Marvel Family . . .my two loves.

Was Dino(!) born to draw Captain Marvel? No, he was born for greater things, like awesome beard-growing. But he's damn good at it anyway.

Take that, photorealistic DC dicks!

Oddly enough, I found this Scott Mills piece on Ebay. It's fun.


My words would only ruin this Xaime Hernandez piece, acquired for me by Mr. Alex. Now THAT is Mary Marvel.


And how could I leave you without this priceless piece? This was one of my two "dream sketches I'll never get" but I actually got it, much to Mr. Tomine's confusion.

He's holding Adrian's sketchbook . . .buy it, for it is awesome.

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