Monday, October 17, 2005

My Favoritest New Blog

I almost never "link-blog" or whatever the kids are a'callin' it, but I check this one place every single day, and whenever he hasn't posted anything new, I get sad as the dickens.

DAVE'S LONG BOX, you rule!

He's in the midst of giving out his favorite comic "Fuck Yeah" moments, so I give him the LISTEN TO US "Fuck Yeah!" salute, from our bud Awol...

Dave's Long Box, this Bud's for you.
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Anonymous Roel said...

I have to agree. Dave's Long Box rules it. It's good when he talks about crappy comics. And it's even better when he talks about fucking awesome comics.

The only problem with the site is that everytime I read about an issue he discusses, I want to rush out and buy it...

1:21 AM

Blogger alex said...

He can sell 'em, that's for sure....


7:15 AM

Blogger TCSmith said...

As always alex, you are right!

10:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't the one of you in the background wearing the same shirt as in the previous picture? What happened to hygeine?

8:05 AM

Blogger Joe Rice said...

It was taken at the same party. I'm just glad you realized I was wearing a shirt in this one.

2:42 PM

Blogger David Campbell said...

No, YOU rule!!!!

9:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:15 AM


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