Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Manarvel Comics

It was recently announced that Milo Manara will be working with Master Wordsmith Chris Claremont on an X-Men title.

The blogs and message boards sounded up a HUZZAH... except for lone Voice of Reason Mike S. Miller, who had this to say....

"Does this mean we'll get to see the X-women getting it on with X-men, in gratuitously explicit sex scenes throughout the book?

Minara is a pornographer. Anyone who just 'googled' him knows that, why is it being kept so quiet on this thread?

I used to read his stuff. Excellent artist, but I wonder what sense it makes to put him on a book that is supposedly all-ages? What if a kid falls in love with his artwork and GOOGLES him?

"Kid, welcome to the wonderful world of graphic porn comics."


Thank you Mr. Miller, for saying what needs to be said. Oh sure, the liberal elite thinks it's A OKAY to let a KNOWN PORNOGRAPHER work on a kiddie book.

Of course. Next thing you know, Richard Maplethorpe will be showing us all how far Batman can shove a bullwhip in his ass.

Well I got news for you pinkos. My boycott of X-Men starts Right NOW. Until they bring back the One True X-Artist (John Byrne), you can kiss my hard earned buckers goodbye.

As long as this FILTH is in print, I will fight it tooth and nail. The idea of Jean Grey's voluptious, silky, soft, freckled tits being rendered in soft, delicate lines absolutely repulses me.

Chris Claremont had better get to writing up some endless internal dialogue for these gals... maybe one of his painfully over-written thought ballooons will cover up the firm, smooth contours of Storm's long, chocolate thighs. If anyone can do it, he can.

The thought of this Smut makes me sick. I get all light-headed and dizzy, and I feel nervous and lose my appetite. Sexy women in comics should be drawn ineptly by guys with a tenuous grasp of anatomy, and they should be in costumes that make no sense. Period.

And all these Italians should stick to what they know best....