Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hycodan Syrup Fueled Talk

What a great week for comics. I'm always blown away by weeks like this, but if I look back, I have them more often than I think. That's because comics are so damn great. Naysayers may still whine about the lack of good comics, but they're just not looking in the right places. If you're still shocked that you're not enjoying Superhero Crossover 7, there's nothing I can do to help you, tard.

Angry Youth Comix? Pure flat-out hilarity. But not for everyone. I started to read it on the subway, but had to put it away. I didn't want to explain the "size of the tits on that concentration camp" to some uptight dweeb. If you're not an uptight dweeb, do go and enjoy this book.

Supermarket may be my favorite Brian Wood book yet, competing with Local for the top spot. It's tight, the art, by Kristian, is very cool, and it's damn compelling. Was this always supposed to be for IDW or is this another one AIT lost? Anyway, well worth your hard-earned cash here. Cool stuff that doesn't take too long to get moving.

It's good to have the Peter Milligan who is awesome back. I thought Marvel had killed him. Speaking of which, Brubaker's Daredevil is a damn sight more impressive than his Captain America seems these days. The Lark art helps, no doubt. Scary stuff, closer to Sleeper than he's been in a while.

Princess Powerful is my favorite superhero now that Captain Marvel is dead. A runaways issue focussing on her is like a little present for my heart, a day-late Valentines.

Just when the Goon seemed to be treading water, we get an issue that's alternately hilarious and ubercreepy and exciting and hilarious again. Eric Powell, do you drink awesome juice? Is it made of the sweat of beautiful rock stars? I need this knowledge.

PAUL POPE IS LUST. JOSE VILLARUBA IS COLOR LOVE. A good Batman book months before Morrison gets his shot? Yes, it is true. Paul Pope is a category unto himself. He transcends style, genre, sexual orientation, and hair style preference. Batman Year 100 is like a snort of future coke (in the future they make it not bad for you and it's not for dumbass fratboys anymore).

These are not thorough reviews, but I wanted to put them out there for you people to know.

Always remember to check out the size of the tits on that concentration camp.