Friday, October 27, 2006

Readings of Seven Soldiers #1

I'm gonna use this post as an editable, updatable compilation of links to various readings of Grant Morrison's latest major work. I may even have a thought or two of my own eventually.

An interesting take from Comic Book Resources' forums.

Jog's initial mini-review. UPDATE!!! His more in-depth review.

Patrick's Thoughts on Seven Soldiers.

Marc Singer masters the beast that is Seven Soldiers.

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Blogger Patrick said...

Here's a link to my blog post if you want to add another one to the roll.

10:04 PM

Blogger Jog said...

Thanks for the link... you'll want Marc Singer's too...

6:40 PM

Blogger Mr. Rice said...

Thanks, Jog! Thanks for the commentary over the year or so, too.

6:46 PM


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