Wednesday, November 02, 2005


The Power of Seven Soldiers: I can read the first issue of Bulleteer and think, "Hm. That was kind of neat," but not just think that, because every other time I've thought that with this series, the next issue quickly made me go, "HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AMAZING!" So now, what might have been a disappointing issue just makes me excited about the next one. You know, how great days usually follow totally crappy days, so sometimes in the middle of getting splashed by garbage water you're like, "Oh MAN tomorrow's going to rock!"

The Power of Full Issue Advertisements: It was a good idea, Mr. Kirkman, and I hope it works. Your boy got some great lines and let's hope some of these Marvel/DC-only nerds can cross over to your better work.

The Power of Real Cathartic Build: Jeez Louise, I haven't wanted Frank Castle to kill bad guys more than this ever.

The Power of Great Lines Uttered by Russians: "I'm surrounded by caucasions." "That was unlikely." "I keep telling you, this isn't an American story. It's Russian." Enjoy Winter Men, guys. The story is keeping up with Leon's patented gorgeosity.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Party Party Party NERD

As mentioned over at our sister blog, Rocketship, there was a big nerd shindig this weekend. Here are some more photos from the event.

The only time in the history of mankind that a firearm has been this close to an issue of Optic Nerve:
World Exclusive

Your Humble Bloggers with Mr. Ed Cunard:

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And, of course, people eating cookies:

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Next time, be there!