Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Amazing Cartoon

A fellow by the nome de plume of CRAZY OLD NIGG@ just posted a cartoon I can't stop laughing about at CBR. Now it goes on ourwebsite until it gets pushed off. Enjoy it with me, folks.

Cartoonists! Stop Trying!

According to THE NEW YORKER (clickie on yon title of this very post), it's already as good as it's gonna get! JIMMY CORRIGAN is the shit! Stop bothering to do great work, because according to one of America's premiere magazines of cultural criticism, JIMMY CORRIGAN is as good as it will ever get.

Beaucoup Kevin ( has already ripped it apart, but for fuck's sake! What a ridiculous article! I still can't get this one quote out of my brain...

"Accordingly, there may never be another graphic novel as good as Jimmy Corrigan, even by Ware himself...."

Let's play a game for a moment.

Accordingly, there may never be another rock album as good as Surfer Rosa, even by the Pixies themselves....

Accordingly, there may never be another painting as good as Madame X, even by Sargent himself....

Accordingly, there may never be another movie as good as Sunset Boulevard, even by Wilder himself....

Accordingly, there may never be another religion as good as Islam, even by Mohamet himself....

This is fun!

Try it for your very own, in the comments! The winner gets a prize!


Monday, October 17, 2005

Ah, crap.

Gone are the days when I can tease Alex about how much GL crap comes out week after week. All the expensive replicas and statues and snowglobes, when the Big Red Cheese only occasionally gets a cheap action figure.

But things are changing.

Looks like it's time to stop liking Captain Marvel. I heard they "killed" him, anyway. Now I need to start collecting all the Amazing Joy Buzzards stuff I can find.

Including the first issue of the new volume, out this week!

My Favoritest New Blog

I almost never "link-blog" or whatever the kids are a'callin' it, but I check this one place every single day, and whenever he hasn't posted anything new, I get sad as the dickens.

DAVE'S LONG BOX, you rule!

He's in the midst of giving out his favorite comic "Fuck Yeah" moments, so I give him the LISTEN TO US "Fuck Yeah!" salute, from our bud Awol...

Dave's Long Box, this Bud's for you.
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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Your Humble Narrators

Could we be any handsomer?

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Verily, we are the handsomerest.