Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Nerd Links

In one of his action-figure diorama comics, Tim shows us a battle between Deadpool and Snake Eyes.

The New York Asian Film Festival has some amazing things coming up this month. If you're around, check it out fo sho. I'm losing my shit over a new Seijun Suzuki film!

Annotations for my favorite comic of all time, Flex Mentallo.

I'm Sick (And Tired) Of . . .

Here's where I bitch for a bit. Enjoy.

I'm sick of Fanboy Rampage. No, actually, I'm sick of the Fanboy Rampage Regulars. Graeme always links to some interesting things, but whenever I make the dumb mistake of clicking on the "comments" section I get the same damn people expressing the same damn grudges over and over. I'm sure they're all great folks and all, but I'm sick of wading through 40 "I Hate Creator _______" comments just to MAYBE get one comment from Doane, Cunard, or abhay. Also there are a lot of folks there that aren't as funny as they believe themselves to be.

I'm sick of the obsession with superhero movies. As a fan of comics and a fan of cinema, I prefer when they're two different things. Sure, we had a decent run of fun ones, but the fewer movies that are based on other things the better, if you ask me. And the hissy fit that every comic movie will inevitably inspire is just not worth it.

I'm sick of the endless Bill Jemas bashing. Sure, he may have been a dickhole, but look at it this way. Marvel under Jemas = awesome, putting out great stuff from top talent and not giving a shit. Marvel sans Jemas = crap for movies. I'm so damn sorry that he hurt your feelings, people. We'll all get together and have a good cry about it one day. But when he was around there were always four or five great Marvel books. Now there's . . .uh, Runaways? Captain America? That's it.

I'm sick of the damn humidity.

I'm sick of people using some sort of false populism as a way of showing now "mean old elitists" are no fun. Little snarky comments about how the "cool crowd" likes/hates something designed to emotionally manipulate tender nerds into thinking, "Yeah, I hate cool people, they always picked on me! Therefore, I had Dan Clowes!" Grow the hell up. Most time, these so-called "elitists" are just people that demand more out of comics (or life) than the pseudo-populists are comfortable with having.

I'm sick of writing this post so I believe I will end it right . . .

Wait for it . . .


Monday, June 06, 2005

Things My Students Said While Confused About Star Wars

So my kids are all about the new Star Wars movies. Edward did a drawing of "Dark Vader" and told me that he's really Anakin Skywalker. I was shocked. But when a co-worker brought in a vhs of the original (non-screwedup) Star Wars, I thought it'd be a good reward to show my little ones last Friday. But it ended up confusing them more than comparing fractions.

First off, the whole chronology threw them for a loop. They, understandably, couldn't figure out why movies that were made twenty years before they were born took place AFTER a movie that's out in the theater now. But that was just the beginning. (It didn't help that the poor kids have only seen episodes 1 and 2.)

Upon seeing Storm Troopers shoot people: "I thought those were good guys. Where's Yoda?"

Upon seeing Luke: "Who is that?" (repeatedly)

Upon hearing his last name: "Is that Anakin's brother or something?"

Upon seeing Obi-Wan: "Who is that?" Then, "Why is he so old?" Later still, "Darth Vader didn't kill Anakin! He IS Anakin!"

Poor bastards haven't even met Han Solo yet.

You will love it.

Trust me. The New Comic Book Galaxy will have much for you to love.