Monday, October 24, 2005

The Fun Stuff

I wanted to highlight some smaller works that deserve greater attention:

Jesse Reklaw over at Slow Wave draws four-panel comics of different people's dreams. They're often surprisingly funny and sad at the same time.

Craig Robinson at the amusingly lo-fi Flip Flop Flyin' has two "What If" charts where, in the first, he plots the possibile turns his life might've taken up until this point, and, in the second, the turns it might still take.

Jason Shiga at Shiga Books has published an online version of his inventively designed choose-your-own-adventure comic book Meanwhile.

Lastly, I'd like to recommend anything by Tom Gauld over at Cabanon Press. His longer works aren't available for viewing online but are well worth buying. Guardians of the Kingdom and Three Very Small Comics, Volume Two are both tours de force of fantastical dry wit.

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Blogger Joe Rice said...

That what if thing is really neat. I want one for myself. But why do I think so much of it will revolve around choices in women?

4:01 PM

Blogger alex said...

Minis by Tom Gauld are available at ROCKETSHIP.

Just sayin'....


5:17 PM

Blogger Eliot Johnson said...

Since you carry Tom Gauld's comics, you are a good person, alex.

Since you promote Tom Gauld's comics, you are also a good person, brant.

I'm still not so sure about that Joe fella, though.

9:55 PM

Anonymous f. chong rutherford said...


2:22 PM

Anonymous Andrew Weiss said...

I printed out the "Characters for an Epic Tale" pic to show to my wife, and half a dozen co-workers stopped at my desk to pick it up and read it.

Very good stuff.

3:13 PM


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